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There are some rules

Our gym studio was set up to allow for local's who do something in our community to access a place to work out

What do we mean by "community"


You can either be involved in one of sports teams/clubs, volunteer services like the Fire Service etc. 

If you are a high school student this available if you are a part of school sport, local sport or volunteer services.


Involvement in sports means a contributing member either by way of paying subs, volunteering within the club etc

We have decided to allow a small amount of members that do not fit into the "community" category. This is limited and by management approval only.


Pricing and terms differ

Community membership- $10 per week

You must be in an organisation that contributes to the community. Examples: involved with sport, whether it be playing, coaching, committee, volunteer etc. Or in our emergency services - Fire, St John etc. If you are not sure just check in with us

Sporting involvement needs to be as a contributing member -sub paying or involved in the running of the club. Social sports is not counted

Your employment/mahi is not your community organisation unless this as a volunteer

Students at high school - $7 per week.

12-15 years must be supervised by another member over the age of 18. Students also need to be part of a sports team or community organisation. Your school is not your community organisation- it is the sport you play for school or elsewhere or where you volunteer. All Under 18s must have parental consent

Family membership -2 adults -$17 per week.

High school students can have access under this

We will be allowing a small number of non community members. This is by approval only and will be $20 per week or $12 for high school students. Spots are limited as essentially we want to remain a community facility

Note group training classes are payable separate to membership

You can sign up via the link below

You fill out the customer form, sign the waiver and consent and then select your membership

If you are under 18 you will need a parent/guardian to complete the  profile, add you as a family member and sign the waiver and consent. You must be 12 years or older to join

If you are under 16 you need to be supervised in the gym by an adult (over 18 at all times)

There are some slideshows to explain the process on the facebook page if you get stuck

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